How does the online bidding work?

The bidding system used on this site is similar to that used by popular bidding sites like eBay©.

  • When you log in and place a bid you should place the highest bid you are willing to pay.
  • Say the current price is $7.00.
  • You must bid in whole dollar amounts and you would be willing to pay $12.00 for the item.
  • If there are no other bids on the item than you will be shown as the high bidder with a current price of $8.00.
  • Why only $8.00? Because that is all you would need to pay to win.
  • If another bidder comes along and bids $10.00 dollars they will get a message that they have been outbid.
  • Your bid will automatically be adjusted to $11.00 (because your maximum bid entered was $12.00) and you will still be listed as the high bidder
  • If another bidder bids $12.00 (your maximum bid) then your bid is automatically increased to $12.00 and the other bidder gets a notification that he/she has been outbid. The original bidder at $12.00 is still the high bidder.
  • If a bidder decides they want to bid $13.00 dollars then they become the high bidder because they have exceeded your maximum bid. You will receive an email informing you that you have been outbid. The bidding engine will never automatically bid for you once your highest bid has been reached.