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Blood Drive

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Lions Flagpole Park

We Are Lions

We are part of the largest service organization in the world.  There are over 46,000 Lions Clubs in more than 200 countries around the world.  Lions exist to help make the world a better place to live starting with their local communities!

Our Members

We are a diverse group of concerned volunteers who want to help others. Our motto is "We Serve".

What We Do

We help others providing needed funds to a variety of worthy causes both locally and around the world.  Lions also work on many different projects that directly help the needy and our community.

Our Ongoing Projects

  • Vision Support
    Giving the Gift of Sight

    The Pendleton Lions have teamed with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation to provide vision support in two important areas. The LEAP Program helps those who are unable afford vision care to obtain needed eye examinations and glasses. The School Screening Program detects vision problems in young school-aged children.

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  • Hearing Support
    Hearing Support

    The Pendleton Lions participate in the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation's Roar! program which provides hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them.

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  • Eyeglass Recycling
    Giving the Gift of Sight

    The Pendleton Lions participate in the Lions eyeglass recycling program. Your old glasses can be refurbished and given to someone in desperate need of sight.

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  • Peace Poster
    Promoting World Peace

    The Pendleton Lions participate in the Lions Peace Poster Contest. Students 11 to 13 draw posters themed around peace in our world.

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  • Our Community
    Improving Our Community

    The Pendleton Lions are committed to helping our community. With projects like smoke detector installation and tree planting in parks, the Lions are always there to make Pendleton a better place to live.

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  • Our National Guard
    Supporting Our Pendleton-Based National Guard Aviation Detachment

    The Pendleton Lions proudly support our National Guard troops who protect our freedoms. The Lions contribute funds to the detachment's Family Readiness Group. Each year the Lions help with the annual Christmas party.

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  • School Support
    Helping the Next Generation

    The Pendleton Lions provide support to the Pendleton Schools through programs such as Flags for First Graders, Emergency Scholarships and Young Persons Concert funding.

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  • Food Drives
    Helping the Hungry

    The Pendleton Lions conduct food drives each year to help our local food bank.

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  • Blood Drives
    Giving Life

    The Pendleton Lions conduct blood drives each year in cooperation with the American Red Cross.

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  • Lions Flagpole Park
    Flying the Flags

    The Pendleton Lions maintain the flagpoles located at the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce. The flagpole park is dedicated to public safety officers.

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Our Fund Raisers

  • Round-Up Cushions
    Pendleton Round-Up Concession

    Lions sell commemorative Round-Up seat cushions helping rodeo fans stay comfortable while watching their favorite events.

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  • BMCC Car Show
    Cruisin' For Scholarships

    The Lions cook their famous Lion Burgers at the BMCC Car Show, which raises money for the diesel program.

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  • Bottle Drives
    Bottle and Can Drive

    The Lions hold periodic drive up bottle and can drives.

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