Bidder Guidelines and Processes:

Bidder Numbers
The Lions use bidder numbers to make bidding more accurate and quicker. You Must have a bidder # prior to bidding on any on-line or on-air items. There are three ways you may obtain a bidder number:

  1. By sending the Lions an EMAIL requesting a bidder number. You will receive an email with your bidder number and a link to give yourself a secure password for on-line bidding. If you don't see our email please check your trash and spam folders. You don't need a password if you are not bidding on-line.
  2. By Calling the Radio Auction at 541-276-1511 before the auction, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM and an operator will provide your bidder number
  3. When you call to make your first bid during the auction an operator will provide your bidder number and take your bid

On-line Bidding

On-line bids for items posted in the Lions Auction Catalog will be accepted ONLY starting 2 weeks prior to the Radio Auction, beginning on March 21st, 2017.
On-line bidding closes at 5:00 PM on April 3rd, 2017
The Auction Catalog will be updated nightly to show the current high bid amount and bidder number
The top on-line bid will become the opening top bid when the item is introduced on air during the auction.

The Auction Process

On Tuesday, April 4th, between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM, tune in to KUMA 1290 AM or KUMA 96.5 FM to listen to the live auction.
If you are out of town and beyond the KUMA signal you may listen to the streaming broadcast via the Internet HERE.
To place a bid, call the Lions at 541-276-1511; bids are in whole dollar amounts only.
A Lion operator will ask for your bidder number, what you are bidding on, and the amount of your bid.
A Lion will hand-carry your bid from the operator to the on-air auctioneers to read.
As we have several operators, it is possible for several bids for the same item and same amount to be called in at the same time.
Our rule is that the first bid to reach the auctioneers is the top bid, so our runners are encouraged to do just that.
Honkers - at random times a horn will honk and an item will be described. The first bidder whose bid reaches the auctioneers wins that item. There is no on-going bidding on honkers.
Blind Mystery Bags (BMB) - new for 2017, at random times a BMB item will be announced, but the contents and value will not be. BMB donors will be identified, but not by specific BMB. Multiple bids will be accepted for BMBs. The contents of the mystery baskets will be from a variety of donors and of varying values.
All winning bids are announced and closed on air during the radio auction and all winning bids are final.

Claiming your items

Come in person or send a representative to the Pendleton Branch of Community Bank, 157 South Main Street, Pendleton Oregon, 97801.
Community Bank Phone #: 541-278-9000
Lions will be in the Lobby between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM so you may pay for and claim your items. For your convenience you may pay for your items with cash, local checks. or credit card.
If you are NOT able to come it is up to you to contact the Lions and make other arrangements to pay for and claim your items.
Out of town bidders are responsible for shipping costs of items, outside of normal business postage.

Items not claimed by 12:00 PM Friday, April 7th will be offered to the next highest bidder.