Tree Planting

Recognizing the critical role that trees play in absorbing carbon dioxide and providing habitat for countless species, Lions International listed trees as an emphasis item for Lions Clubs everywhere. As part of this initiative, the Pendleton Lions partnered withPendleton Parks and Recreationto assist the city with its tree planting program.

Deforestation is a problem world wide. Despite their value to humanity, more than 80% of the earth’s original forests have been lost in the last century, and we continue to lose more forests at an alarming rate every year.

If the current trend of deforestation continues, millions of plant and animal species may become extinct, forever changing our ecosystems and negatively impact hundreds of millions of people who depend on them for their livelihoods.

After consulting with the dedicated employees in our Parks and Recreation Department, the Lions purchased numerous trees from area nurseries to replace trees killed from adverse weather and to add new trees in areas that have none.  A variety of species have been selected to help maintain the resiliency of our city's silvan population.

Trees funded by the Pendleton Lions have been planted at Grecian Heights Park, Pioneer Park and along Frazier Avenue. Lions have participated in the planting of these trees.

 Lions will continue to work with the Pendleton Parks and Recreation Department to ensure that our city has healthy population of beautiful trees.