Oregon National Guard

Supporting Those Who Serve

The Pendleton Lions Club proudly supports the Family Readiness Group of the Aviation Detachment stationed here at Pendleton.  Our detachment has been deployed to Afghanistan and participated in many emergency incidents, including wildfires and search and rescues missions.  Sadly, the detachment has suffered casualties while protecting our freedom.  Each year the Pendleton Lions assist with the annual Christmas Party as a way of honoring these brave and dedicated men and women.

As the Christmas holiday season approaches the Lions work with the Family Readiness Group, or FRG, to see how the Lions can help with the festivities. In the past Lions have provided musical entertainment, have assisted with table decorations, and have helped with food preparation. During the annual banquet lions are often seen serving food to the soldiers and their families.  Lions have also assisted with clean-up.  Lions mingle with guard personnel to let them and their families know how much they are appreciated for the sacrifices they have made.

Each year the Lions bring in children's gifts that augment those provided by the FRG. Since the detachment flies CH-47 Chinook helicopters these gifts always include a couple of remote controlled model CH-47's. Lions give free lottery tickets to all in attendance.  At the conclusion of the banquet Lions and members of the FRG randomly draw the winning tickets with the model Chinooks being the last prizes awarded. 

At the conclusion of the ceremonies the Lions always give a donation to the FRG to help them with their mission of supporting the families of those who serve their country.

The Pendleton Lions are proud of our local aviation detachment and are humbled to be a part of their annual Christmas celebration.