Lions Recognize Round-Up Association

June 16, 2021

District 36-G Governor John Taylor recently recognized the Pendleton Round-Up Association and Happy Canyon Company with Lions Outstanding Business Awards. The Lions wanted to express their appreciation for the support received from these two Pendleton institutions during the COVID pandemic.

Lions present the awards at the new office building

Every year many local non-profits operate concessions inside the Round-Up grounds to raise funds for their charitable operations. Last year the Round-Up had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. This adversely affected the finances of many of these non-profits. The Round-Up Association and Happy Canyon generously presented these non-profits with grants to help make up for the revenue loss. The Pendleton Lions Club was the recipient of one of these grants. The Lions recognized the Round-Up Association and Happy Canyon Company for going above and beyond in their support for local community non-profits and charities.

Pendleton Recycles Eyeglasses

December 17, 2020

President Rita Campbell recently announced that the Pendleton Lions have sent 1,385 used eyeglasses to the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation for recycling around the globe.  The Lions used eyeglass recycling program collects used eyeglasses no longer needed and refurbishes them for use all around the world for those who could otherwise not afford glasses.

Lions load up used eyeglasses collected from a drop off for shipment to OLSHF.

The Lions maintain several used eyeglassdrop-off stationsaround Pendleton.  Lions periodically pick these glasses, sort them by style and ship them to the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation in Portland.  Recently Lion Rita and Lion Randee Bronson prepared this years collection for shipment.  The Lions want to thank all those who have donated their glasses.  You can learn more about this important program on our eyeglassrecycle page.

Lions Fall Food Drive a Success

December 6, 2020

The Pendleton Lions conducted their fall 2020 food drive at Grocery Outlet on Saturday, December 5.  All donated food collected by the Lions goes to our local Pendleton food bank, Outreach Food Pantry and Thrift Store.  Outreach provides food to many local families in need of support.  "We are so very appreciative of the Pendleton Lions and the food drives they have done for Outreach," said Outreach Volunteer Coordinator Marilyn Johnson.  "There are many families out there who could not get healthy, nourishing food if it were not for Outreach, and the support we receive from organizations such as the Lions allows us to provide this crucial service." 

Lions prepare donated food for transport to Outreach at Grocery Outlet

At this fall's food drive the Lions Club received 689 pounds of food and also received $663.87 in cash donations! The food and donations were transported to Outreach on the day of the drive. The Pendleton Lions want to thank all those shoppers who donated to the food drive. We have a lot of caring people in our community!

Foundation Off to a Roaring Start

October 23, 2020

The Pendleton Lions Foundation, which was created earlier this year, is off to a roaring start thanks to the hard work of many dedicated Lions Club members. In August the foundation received a grant of $3500 from the Blue Mountain Community Foundation for Pendleton Lions sight and hearing assistance. This means that the Pendleton Lions Club can help more people afflicted with vision and hearing loss who could not otherwise afford the cost of exams, glasses or hearing aids.

Lions work at the bottle drive station at Roy Raley Park

This fall Pendleton Lions Club president Rita Campbell coordinated a bottle drive in cooperation with the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, which works with non-profits to collect bottles for fund raising activities. Due to the diligent efforts of many club members and the outstanding support of our community, the Pendleton Lions were able to raise almost $10,000!

The funds collected from our bottle drive can be used for a variety of Lions charitable activities, ranging from support for those affected by wildfires to the planting of trees in our local parks. Thank you Pendleton for your continued support of the Lions!

Lion Virginia Jones Receives Second Melvin Jones Award

August 22, 2019

Lions Clubs around the globe recognize outstanding members with an award named after our founder, Melvin Jones. The Melvin Jones Award is the highest recognition a Lions Club member can receive.  On August 22 the Pendleton Lions Club bestowed this award on long time Lion Virginia Jones for her embodiment of the Lions motto of "We Serve."

Lion John Taylor, left, holding the award pin with Lion Virginia

Unknown to her fellow club members, this was the second Melvin Jones Award that Lion Virginia had received. In 1993 her previous club, the Pilot Rock Lions, also recognized her with this award. We are proud to count Lion Virginia as a member of the Pendleton Lions!

Pendleton Lions Inducted Into
OLSHF Hall of Fame

June 7, 2019

The Pendleton Lions own Jan Stewart was inducted into the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation's Hall of Fame at this year's State Convention held May 3 and 4 at Seaside, Oregon. Lion Jan worked for approximately 12 years as secretary for the foundation, which provides significant vision and hearing support for those who cannot otherwise afford it. "Imagine being in a large room with Lions from the entire state (and some from outside of our state) and having your name called for such an award," said Lion Jan. "It was a very humbling moment."

Lions Jan and Bill are seated 3rd and 4th from left

Lion Jan was preceded in the Hall of Fame by her husband, Lion Bill Taylor. Lion Bill was inducted in 2015 after many years of involvement with OLSHF activities, including serving as Vice President and President of the foundation.

The Pendleton Lions are proud to call Lions Jan and Bill members of the club. They continue to be active in numerous Lion activities that help others. Lions Jan and Bill both embody the Lion's motto, "We Serve."

Lions Conduct Food Drive

January 12, 2019

On January 12 the Pendleton Lions conducted a food drive for the Outreach Food Pantry at Pendleton's Grocery Outlet store. Lions collected 1654 pounds of food that were delivered to the food pantry. In addition Lions received $175 in donations that were also given to Outreach.

Pendleton Lions at Grocery Outlet

The Pendleton Lions Club thanks all those generous shoppers who donated to the food drive!

Lions Sponsor New Trees

October 31, 2018

On October 31th, the Pendleton Parks and Recreation Department planted six new Honey Locust trees purchased by the Pendleton Lions Club in the Riverfront Plaza adjacent to Southwest Court Avenue. The plaza provides access to the river parkway and is also the location of Pendleton's beautiful Blue Heron statue.

Pendleton Lions with parks director Liam Hughs

The Honey Locusts replace trees that were killed in a hard early winter freeze several years ago. The Honey Locust is well adapted to Pendleton's weather patterns and these trees should be enjoyed by parkway visitors for many years to come.

Spilker Honored with Helen Keller Award

October 11, 2018

On October 11th, The Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation presented Pendleton Lion Jon Spilker with the Helen Keller Benefactor award in recognition of his long term humanitarian contributions to the sight and hearing conservation of Pendleton area residents. Helen Keller stated "Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little, deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided?" As chairman of the Pendleton Lions Club Sight and Hearing committee, Jon has tirelessly worked to provide vision assistance to those in need.

 Secretary John Taylor, President Millie Shaner, Lion Jon Spilker

Many local folks may have seen Jon at Round-Up selling seat cushions, remember him organizing the serving of the BMCC Christmas Dinner, collecting food at a food drive, or working at many other Lions projects to raise money for eye exams and glasses. The Lions motto is "We Serve!" and Jon exemplifies that spirit of service!

Lions Recognize Buckn' Bean

October 4, 2018

Following their October board meeting, members of the Pendleton Lions Club recognized Buckn' Bean Coffee by presenting owner Kirbie Hill with a plaque thanking the business for its support to Lions over the years.  Kirbie was not expecting to see all those Lions that morning and had to be called out of the kitchen. As usual she was busy taking care of her customer orders.

Pendleton Lions present their plaque to owner Kirbie Hill

Kirbie and her husband Winston startedBuckn' Bean Roasters in 2012 after moving back to Oregon from southeast Alaska.  Since that time the business has flourished.  Winston and Kirbie roast a variety of coffee types and do internet sales along with the shop.

The Buckn' Bean has always provided the Lions with a welcome place to conduct committee meetings.  Planning for the Radio Auction, Round Up concession and many other Pendleton Lions programs often occur at a Saturday morning "Meeting at the Bean."  In addition, Winston and Kirbie have generously donated coffee to the Lions Radio Auction.  Being civic minded, they have also supported other worthy causes in our community, including thePendleton Warming Station.

The plaque expresses our appreciation for Winston and Kirbie's continued support of the Pendleton Lions Club."

Lions Recognize Grocery Outlet

September 6, 2018

Following their September Board meeting, members of the Pendleton Lions Club paid Grocery Outlet a surprise visit.  Club members proudly presented Store Manager Mary Bowman a plaque recognizing the store for its support of theLions Food Drive Programwhich benefits our local food bank, the Outreach Food Pantry.

Pendleton Lions present their plaque to Mary Bowman

Dan and Jamie Canale, owners of Grocery Outlet in Pendleton, are strong supporters of their community, which is reflected in their partnership with the Lions to fight hunger in our area. Not only do they allow the Lions to set up periodic donation stations at the front door, they also donate a significant amount of food themselves and provide other ways for shoppers to give.

Unfortunately, the Canales were enjoying a rare day off before the mayhem of Round-Up when the Lions showed up to honor their store. The Lions thank the Canales and Grocery Outlet employees for their commitment to ending hunger in our community.

The plaque reads: "Presented in sincere appreciation to Dan and Jamie Canale and Grocery Outlet for your support of the Pendleton Lions Club Food Drives."

Lions to Provide Trees for Parkway

August 2, 2018

At the August Board meeting, Lions voted to provide $1000 top the Pendleton Parks and Recreation Department to purchase trees to plant near the plaza providing access to the levee parkway near Northwest 4th Street.

Providing trees for Pendleton area parks has been an ongoing activity of the Pendleton Lions. Trees provided by the Lions can by enjoyed at Grecian Heights park and Pioneer park.

Lions Receive Melvin Jones Award

August 2, 2018

At the August Board meeting, Lions Randee Bronson and Dwight Johnson received the coveted Melvin Jones Award for humanitarian efforts. The Melvin Jones award is named after the founder of Lions International. Clubs that donate $1000 to the Lions International Foundation may honor a local Lion whose efforts have significantly contributed to the humanitarian efforts of Lions.

From L to R: Lions Randee Bronson, John Taylor, Dwight Johnson

Lion Randee is the manager of Pendleton's branch of Community Bank.  Lion Randee is on the Board of Directors and has coordinated many successful programs, including the Pendleton Round-Up concession, BMCC Cruisn' for Scholarships concession, Food Drives and Lions Radio Auction.  Lion Dwight has served as Pendleton Lions Club Treasurer for over ten years.  Lion John Taylor, himself a Melvin Jones Fellow, presented the awards.

Pendleton Lions Receive the Silver Sparky!

March 22, 2018

The Pendleton Lions Club was presented the "Silver Sparky Award" at the annual meeting of the State Fire Marshalls Association in Bend on March 22. The award is given annually to a person or organization for efforts in fire prevention and safety. The Lions received this award because of their joint efforts with the Pendleton Fire Department in providing smoke alarms to residents of Pendleton. A picture of the award and more information on the program may be found on ourSmoke Alarm Programpage.

Lions Donate $300 to Showers for Flowers

February 1, 2018

The Pendleton Lions Club Board of directors has voted to give the Pendleton Downtown Association $300 to help with their showers for flowers program. The Lions felt that this worthy program, which pays for the watering of the beautiful hanging flower containers on Main Street, is consistent with the club mission of supporting our community.

National Guard Support Makes the Cover

February 1, 2018

The Pendleton Lions Club's own Lion Randee Bronson is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the Oregon Lions magazine. Lion Randee helped coordinate our annual assistance to the National Guard's Family Support Group at Christmas. For the last several years the Pendleton Lions have honored our National Guard troops during their annual holiday party. In the picture Lion Randee is working with some of the items given away to the families of our deserving troops.  Supporting our National Guard is one of the Pendleton Lions designated support activities.  A big thanks to Lion Randee and all the other Lions who helped make the 2017 event a success!