Flags For First Graders

Each February in honor of President's Day the Pendleton Lions present all first graders in our community a small American flag.   The students also receive a handout that explains the history of our flag, its symbolism and the proper way to care for our flag.  The Lions begin the ceremony by displaying  a large American flag and conducting a solemn Pledge of Allegiance.  The Lions then discuss the history of our flag and a question and answer session where the students get to volunteer their thoughts and demonstrate their knowedge of the flag.  It is amazing what some of these young folks know about our nation's flag!

Lions discuss the symbolism of the flag, the parts of the flag and point out the star on the union that represents Oregon.

The flags come with a small wooden stand that also displays the Lion's logo. Each student comes foward after the presentation and receives their flag from a Lions Club member.

The students also receive a brochure produced by the Lions that gives a history of our flag and the rules governing its display.  Lions believe that establishing a firm foundation of patriotism is an important part of supporting the education of our youth.