Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army

Each holiday season Pendleton Lions along with other local service clubs participate in theSalvation Army'sbell ringing program.  Lions normally take responsibility for staffing two doors at the local Walmart one Saturday close to Chistmas.


At one of the doors Lion volunteers take turn ringing the bell and wishing shoppers a Merry Christmas.  The other door is staffed by a seasonal employee of the Salvation Army whose wages that day are paid for by the Lions.   Being unemployed during the holidays is especially stressful.  For many,  getting a job as a seasonal bell ringer provides extra income at a time of the year that often puts an extra burden on all our pocketbooks.

The Lions also supplement the moneys received from holiday shoppers with a direct donation to help the Salvation Army continue its programs which benefit so many needy people in our community.